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Kosnic is at the heart of the revolution in low energy and LED technology. One of the most established global manufacturers; they produce lamps and related products that are readily sold worldwide. Their philosophy is simple – to provide affordable, innovative, robust lamps and luminaires that are designed to perform in to their target setting. Once installed, end users will appreciate the ambiance, efficiency, cost-saving and environmental benefits of Kosnic lamps.


Kosnic’s continually expanding portfolio of products offers more than 700 items. Millions of their lamps are bought every year and used to save energy and reduce maintenance in domestic settings, hospitals, commercial premises and the hospitality sector. Kosnic’s technology is trusted and respected by discerning customers worldwide.

Kosnic are also one of the first manufacturers to recognize the importance of LED lamps – and offered their inaugural LED lamp products for resale back in 2004. LED is as disruptive a technology as the incandescent bulb and they firmly believe that LEDs are now on the verge of being accepted as the mainstream lighting technology.

The business was founded in 2002 and forms its pedigree from a long-established family of respected Chinese manufacturers and designers of lighting products. From these strong roots, Dr. WenTaoKuang and Ms. Ying Hu have established a European operation that works seamlessly with Kosnic’s manufacturing operations located in China and with theirdedicated research laboratory KTC located in Shanghai, which consist of talented engineers who focus on three core technologies vital to the creation of outstanding LED products – namely, dimming, emergency, and microwave motion sensor.

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